Based in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Corinthian Books publishes cutting-edge fiction and non-fiction books in a wide variety of genres for discriminating readers. Whether you like to read about amazing women, Southern history, biography, financial management, nuclear terrorism, poetry, gardening, or end-of-life choices, we have books for you!

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  • IN SEARCH OF GENTLE DEATH: The Fight for Your Right to Die With Dignity
  • MARY'S WORLD: Love, War, and Family Ties in Nineteenth-century Charleston
  • THEODOSIA BURR ALSTON: Portrait of a Prodigy
  • STRENGTH AND HONOR: The Life of Dolley Madison
  • CITY OF HEROES: The Great Charleston Earthquake of 1886
  • GETTING TO NANTUCKET: An Artist's Journey
  • CLIPPINGS FROM ORENE'S GARDEN: A Southern Gardener's Year
  • THE GOSPEL OF YESHUA: A Fresh Look at the Life and Teaching of Jesus
  • THE SCARBOROUGH PLAN: Maximizing the Power of Your 401(k)
  • TWO SEASONS. Poetry by Rose Morgan Moore and Rose Moore Tomlin
  • SHOOTER IN THE SKY: The Inner World of Children Who Kill